Justin – California

The family and I are really enjoying him. He’s got a kind demeanor with us all. Protective with strangers. He added a special dynamic to the family.

Jeannette & Tom – San Diego, California

We enjoy showing Tommy. He is both our friend and protector. He is a real member of our family, smart and fun to train.

Karri & Tom – Carlsbad, California

Thank you for being a breeder of fabulous dogs, He is just beautiful and has the sweetest disposition. 

Doug and Amy – Ohio

He is so Awesome!!!

Norman – Scottsdale, Arizona

She’s beautiful with a great temperament…always alert and protective. She is amazing.

Wade and Trish – Northern California

I love her so much. We just love her so much and are so thankful you choose us for her. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had.

Kaitie & Dave – Fallbrook, California

We have been so impressed with the way you bred and raised T. that it isn’t even a question who we’d want to get our female from. He’s so well-mannered and behaved. He is such a sweet boy but is very attached to me and very protective when Dave is away. He’s everything we were…